Sulafa Said Silim

“Whether you’ve experienced being the “other”, or the “token”, a lot of these self-care, healing spaces replicate those experiences even though they are supposed to be a space that is healing me. It eliminates the ability, to be honest and vulnerable and have real conversations.”

My name is Sulafa – I am the creator of Dawa Apothecary and I am happy to have you join the community. Over the last five years, I have been crafting a dream business that focused on health and wellness for women of colour.  This idea came to me while living in the UK, where I realised that often when I was engaging in anything related to health and wellness – often culture, race and ethnicity and its intersections were not present/apparent.  I wanted to create a ‘safe space’ for women of colour to find a community – a shared understanding of experiences while promoting community cohesion.



    • Diversity & Inclusion 
    • Coaching & Engagement
    • Behavioural Change
    • Project Management
    • Digital & Creative Strategy
    • Curriculum