My name is Sulafa – I am the creator of Dawa Apothecary and I am happy to have you join the community. Over the last five years, I have been crafting a dream business that focused on health and wellness for women of colour.  This idea came to me while living in the UK, where I realised that often when I was engaging in anything related to health and wellness – often culture, race and ethnicity and its intersections were not present/apparent.  I wanted to create a ‘safe space’ for women of colour to find a community – a shared understanding of experiences while promoting community cohesion.

Through Dawa Apothecary, two main outputs:

  1. Professionally what I bring to the table is over 12 years of project management, training and facilitation experience. I understand how to bring the right people together and get the right program out to hopefully inform and delight participants.  Our aim at DAWA apothecary is to ensure that every workshop is about active learning.  That means we want you to be a participant rather than the observer.
  2. Offering my services as a health and wellness consultant & life strategist to support individuals in their pursuit of aligning their needs, wants and desire in living optimally and holistically. More on my services here

If you want to reach out and have a chat with me, please feel free to contact me below.

We look forward to having you join the family!!!