Discovering Restorative Yoga

By September 20, 2017 No Comments

I have a history of anxiety and stress.

It’s a fact – I hold my pain and suffering internally.

I don’t deal with conflict – I ingest it.

Over the years – I have suffered from two periods of burn-out, dealt with depression and spells of anxiety.

I have an overactive sympathetic nervous system – in short – I have a lot of triggers that kick off the fight, flight or in my case, freeze modes.

In pursuit of self-managing my emotions and nurturing my nervous system. I have found that restorative yoga has helped me ground myself and also centre my mind in the here and now.

It is time for me to just release myself and breathe.

Some resources I have used with/or without props (large pillows instead of bolsters)

  1. Restorative Yoga: 30 Minutes of Deep Relaxation | Great for Beginners – Full Class

  2. 15 minute chill out 
  3. Boho Beautiful’s: Stress relief yoga

or head to a class ….