Our Focus

The intersection is where we focus our energies


At Dawa Apothecary, we focus on women of color through varying lenses including inclusion of those who are identify with the experience of being a ‘woman’


Race plays a central note in the experience of women of color. Whether it is micro aggressions, stigmas or stereotypes, women of color are dealing with multiple challenges walking around.


Our unique focus on culture allows for the lenses of gender & race to be more refined and focuses our services to address the complexity that is the reality of women of color.

Our Approach

Our method in supporting women of color to live authentic lives


We focus on connecting the dots bringing individuals back into the story of health and wellness.


Every interaction at Dawa Apothecary is about being in the moment and bringing joy into the forefront.


We focus on storytelling and narratives at the core of what we do. We truly do believe we heal with words